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Triangle middle formation: 3 MBs are sometimes better than 2 ...

Triangle middle formation: 3 MBs are sometimes better than 2. If your roster is stocked with a lot of middle blockers, you might want to consider using the triangle middle formation, which puts 3 middles on the court instead of the standard 2. As Oregon State assistant coach Emily Hiza explains here, this formation has one MB – the M1 or the "ultimate middle" – who plays next to the setter and is always in the standard middle blocking position.

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The starting rotation: Middle, Outside, Middle. Outside, Middle, Setter. 3 rotations have only one middle in the front … 3 rotations have 2 middles in front. Depending on the pair of middles, one will switch to OH, while one plays Middle … or one will switch to Right Side, while one plays Middle. Since one of our Middles is left handed ...

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position where the player is playing (left front, middle front, right front, left back, middle back, left back). Note the orientation assumes you are facing the net. So if you play the front row, middle position, you would play the “3”. So if a person described herself as a “4”, you could tell where she usually plays by matching it up

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In a 3 MH, you can Libero 2 positions completely (a MH and an OH), or 3 positions for 2 rotations each. If you do the 2 positions, with 15 subs you can fr/br 3 other players. If you have a setter you want to leave in, then you can front row/back row the other players.

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Player 3 would hit from the middle, and player 4 would hit from position 4, then switch to the right-side after the ball goes over after the first rally. The players in the back court would also switch into their appropriate defensive positioning, so that the players end up looking up like this:

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The middle hitter unsurprisingly will always want to rotate to the middle spot or the 3 position. The setter much like the opposite will want to rotate to the 2 spot, ideally you want your team to pass the ball to 2.5 so you can set a quick middle, a set to the outside player in the 4 position or the opposite player at the 10 position.

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In this volleyball rotation, the setter is in the serving position and will be coming off the back row to set. The middle is going to make their approach to the middle as usual. With the outside hitter and the opposite being flip-flopped, they will hit once in the positions shown, and then switch back to normal after the ball goes over the net.

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Although the rotation moves clockwise, the numbers of the position go in the counter-clockwise direction. Position #1 is the server’s box, the back right corner. Position 2 is the space right in front of 1 on the front row. Position 3 is the middle front, and so on around your side of the court.

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This one is slightly more confusing as the player we pull back to pass in place of the setter is actually still the front court outside player who in this rotation would be at position 3 (front middle). The outside player at position 3 can not stand to the left of the middle at position 4 (front left) and they can’t stand behind the outside who they will be passing next to.